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Anna Abner lived in a haunted house for three years and grew up talking to imaginary friends. She married a tall, dark, and handsome United States Marine—her real life romance hero. Currently, she writes edge-of-your-seat paranormal romances and blogs about ghosts and magic from her desert hideaway in sunny southern California.

Her series include the Red Plague, Dark Casters, and Beasts of Vegas. Anna also writes fan fiction for



Stephanie Bardy is a fiction writer and poet of thirty plus years seeking world domination through the written word—preferably, hers. Author of Eternally Bound, the first in the Bound Trilogy, featured writer in Monsterthology 2, a writer in The World of Myth Anthology 3, series writer for The World of Myth Magazine.

Editor in Chief of The World of Myth Magazine, past roving reporter for Building Bridges Magazine, freelance writer, ghostwriter and any other writing hat she can wear.

Owner of SJB Freelance She keeps herself busy with her family, being a lover of nature and fond user of well-placed sarcasm.

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Melissa Ridley Elmes is a scholar of medieval literature and culture and an MFA in Creative Writing student at Lindenwood University. Her poetry and nonfiction have appeared in Ink Quarterly, The Blotter, and the Sweetbay Review, and she co-edited a volume of essays on the Melusine legend for Brill Publishing in 2017. As of late, she is the grand prize winner to the Open Contract Challenge and published her book Arthurian Things: A Collection of Poems as apart of winning the contest.

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Bill Foster retired as an educator in Texas to become an American writer, director and actor!

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Patrick A. Jankiewicz is an actor and writer who appeared in several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. Several interviews by him were published in issues of Star Trek Magazine, including "The Apple of Our Eye" with Celeste Yarnall in Star Trek Magazine issue 116, "Ensign Expendable" with Paul Carr in Star Trek Magazine issue 123, "Be My Guest" with Tanya Lemani George in Star Trek Magazine issue 125, and "Up Above the Gods" with Gary Lockwood in Star Trek Magazine issue 140. Yet, he started out as a prolific interviewer between 1991 and 1996 for the Starlog Press publications, writing interviews for their magazines such as one with Robert L. McCullough for the February 1993 issue of Starlog, titled "Man & Pakled", among numerous others.



Randolph R. Lofgren is a poet, rapper, podcaster and a business entrepreneur. As an award-winning poet, his free verses are said to be filled with emotion that he says is a direct result of a tough and hard fought life. His book of Poetry What Will Be, Will Be was published in early 2020.



Michelle E. Lowe is a Georgia born native who has spent most of her life near the Atlanta area before pulling up stakes and moving clear across the country with her husband. She loves reading science-fiction and fantasy stories and enjoys old B horror and fun adventure films.

She is the author of The Warning, Atlantic Pyramid, Cherished Thief, and the Legacy series. Children's books, Poe's Haunted House Tour, and The Hex Hunt series. Her works in progress is The Age of the Machine series. Currently, she lives in Lake Forest, California with husband Ben, and their two daughters.